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Did you buy furniture in one of the low-cost stores and did you find yourself mounting them without understanding how?
Our specialized team will assemble your furniture in no time at all.

Are you moving and don’t know how to move all the boxes from the old house to the new one?
We will take care of loading all the boxes and take them to the new location.

We have a very efficient work team that will take care of everything.

First of all, we will provide you with a quote from Scatto sent via Whatsapp to understand spaces and dimensions, will unmount and if necessary mount everything in a new location.

Some of our workers will come to your home and will dismantle and load everything on our equipped vans, removing the dusty and cumbersome problem.

We put our storage center at your disposal for short or long periods depending on your needs. Equipped with all the necessary security systems so that your furniture is constantly under control.

From today, some of our employees will come directly to your home to mount shelves of any type without damaging or dirtying anything.

Don’t worry, our highly trained staff is constantly updated on all models and will quickly and professionally solve your annoying problem.

No problem, we’ll do it for you, we’ll take charge of your furniture and transport it easily to your vacation home.